Sunday, May 23, 2010

I could do with a weekend ...

Never mind I just had one, but the past week had more stuff in it than I could recover from in a 2 day weekend, especially after just missing about a week and a half, including 2 weekends but also time before and after work, to try to get the yard back under control and deal with everything else, and last week was just plain awful (see e.g. Tom's blog).

In spite of that I still didn't make any new beads, at least I got some pictures taken, one included here: finally a comparison picture between the Oahu mgambo/weleweka seeds and the ones from the Big Island. I just grabbed one of each, more for size and color comparison than for quality. The smaller darker one is from Oahu, the bigger lighter color one from the Big Island. Being that they are tree seeds, they may have dimples (you can see one on the Big Island seed on the left at the bottom), and they are not all the same size and color, but generally the ones from Oahu are smaller and darker. I normally keep the ones from the Big Island in stock drilled but if you prefer the Oahu seeds/beads I'll drill those too, it just may take some extra time.

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