Sunday, August 22, 2010

At the very end of a 3 day weekend ...

I feel like I didn't accomplish anything. So lets get down the list of what I did

- slept until noon on Friday. Guess that was necessary.
- didn't feel like doing anything much so, I moved one piece of furniture out of what is or was Nina's room that she emptied out the last time she was here to give to friends of ours.
- moved a new shelf in (with considerable help from Norman)
- unpacked the books of Nina's that were left in a box in the middle of the room into that shelf, as well as a bunch of my bead supplies.
- moved the now empty box out
- did some yard work
- as it was Friday and only a state holiday mailing lists were still going,
so did some for a holiday rather excessive amount of email reading (work kind stuff).
That was Friday.

- Got about a truck load of green waste to the green waste recycling
- and a bag of rubbish to the dump
- went to the bead shop, Abundant Life, Kipuka Smoke Shop, the market, KTA, sold nothing but got what I needed to get
- bought new 2 cycle engine oil and 1/16" drill bits
- picked some lilikoi. Like about 50-80 lb, and some avocados.
That was Saturday

- did some more yard work
- sorted job's tears (needed a break)
- did some more yard work
- counted almost 2 FPs of Swarovski crystals into my usual retail sale packages.
- washed a load of laundry and put it on the washing line (and took a good part of it off again later and put it away)
- removed 2 dead rats (those cats are doing their job, mostly)
- did I mention doing some yard work?
- took another 1/2 truck load of green waste to the green waste recycling place (did I mention I did some yard work? - it didn't get into the truck by itself either)
- picked some more lilikoi
- did some more grocery shopping.
- cooked some more dinner.
That was Sunday.

We had Salmon and potato salad for dinner tonight. I don't even remember what we had last night though I probably cooked it (actually, it was teriyaki chicken, long squash and maccaroni and cheese, and I did cook it)

Backtracking a bit:
Eventually getting back home and to my email (after grocery shopping), Sunday, found a bit of a disaster at the telescopes (Tom, I'm very sorry to not have been home when you called, and probably in a no reception area if you tried to call my cell phone the first time you called), caused probably by a brush fire which caused a power outage at the summit of Mauna Kea, including Hale Pohaku. I still have to apologize to the people who got 30+ emails about the water at JCMT being low, it was all caused by the power going out and coming back on (I got those emails too +the UKIRT ones).

I think I replied to all emails that are related to orders or potential orders.
It's the end of a 3 day weekend and I'm about as exhausted as I was when it started.

And I still haven't even taken pictures of the beads I made in June and I haven't lit my torch since.

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