Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A day off from work

Today I took a day off from work. Our vacation plan is being changed so that we can't carry over 45 days anymore (but only 10). They offer us paying out the whole difference, or taking it all, or anything in between. Taking it all off of course also includes the days we get this year and I positively don't see that, so I'm going for a split between the one and the other and today was my first day off.

I managed to pick most of the remaining ripe coffee, pulp some coffee, pull a heck of a lot of weeds, take the resulting green waste to the green waste recycling, kill a bunch of crab spiders, get my blood drawn for lab work (by my favorite phlebotomist of all times, who also gave me a copy of an article about an amazing cat, and we talked beads some too), sorted a bunch of Job's Tears, and did some grocery shopping while I was out, yeah, and get the laundry off the washing line and put away, and wash some dishes. Of course I fed the cats too. Some of these things I do every day, but some of them I don't get around to.

Some of the weeds I pulled today would have really gotten in my way as soon as it starts raining and gets a bit warmer. That is a kind of grass that can't be weed whacked.

What I didn't get to do is melt glass (it was too windy, really, it was. I already know how to make beads with cracked ends), harvest cloves, pick Job's Tears and vacuum the house.

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