Friday, June 8, 2012

On a completely different subject: How to get a file from MS Works format to .pdf

With the circumstances being the following:

  • You have a notebook that runs Windows, has Microsoft Works, a network connection, ssh (but you, like me, never spent the extra money for Microsoft Office/Word)
  • You also have a Linux box that has Open Office that you can access by the same network

Do the following:

  • Open your Microsoft Works file
  • Open a file on a Linux box that you're connected to via ssh.
  • Copy your file from the Microsoft Works window into the file on the Linux box
  • Close the file on the Linux box
  • Open Open Office on the Linux Box
  • Open your file
  • Copy from the file into the Open Office window
  • Export as .pdf (call the file something that you can actually read read on Linux without having to mask spaces in file names, i.e.: NAME THAT FILE something that DOESN'T HAVE SPACES in the file name
  • Transfer the pdf file back yo your PC (use an ssh file transfer window)
  • You now have a .pdf file on your PC that doesn't have the capability of writing them.

I helped somebody do this earlier this week and I thought it might be beneficial for that person as well as possibly others to have this written down.

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