Saturday, April 24, 2010

A custom jewelry order and my first mid-week torch session later

and with more beads in the kiln.

The necklace and bracelet arrived in California by now. It hadn't occurred to me to combine weleweka/mgambo/whatever else these go by (they have a lot of different names) with Swarovski crystals in black diamond color, but I think it turned out nice.

Tuesday I got home from work relatively early (for me at least) and as it wasn't windy for a change I decided to light my torch.

I'll admit that that was the reason why I was determined to get home early. I experimented with sand again, and made a few more attempts at encasing it. Some of it turned out nice enough.
When I took the pictures the beads were still wet and in a plastic container (that's what has the recycling mark).

Some of these are now at Susi's Creations in downtown Hilo (on Kamehameha Avenue, between the Farmer's Market and Pescatore).

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