Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lampwork beads at Island Edges

After not getting around to making any beads the weekend before I did make some last Sunday. Cleaned them Monday, didn't get around to taking pictures until Friday. This is them: (click image for a bigger one, penny is for size)

It's a good thing I managed to take that picture because I don't own most of them anymore. 3 of them have chipped ends (another case of wind), so I sorted those out ahead of time. 14 of the remaining 16 are now at the downtown Hilo bead store Island Edges, which has moved. To get to Island Edges you don't have to climb stairs anymore. Island Edges/Sharon moved to another store on Keawe Street, on the makai side between Fourneaux and Haili St.(between KTA and Pescatore's, to give you landmarks), rather close to where Rock Island Gallery has moved to as well, between Kalakaua and Waianuenue.

Funny thing happened. Sharon was already closed but unlocked the door for me. While I was there Morgen (the owner of Rock Island Gallery) came by with a friend or family member, and we came to talk about our ages. Turns out, Morgen's friend's birthday is the same as mine (and I wasn't the youngest, she was). We're being there chatting, when a couple walks in. It looks like the lady bought a bunch of beads and Sharon may schedule an extra class for that lady and some friends of hers. Looks like this worked for me as well as for Sharon.

And, all my 3/32" mandrel aqua beads, reduced or not, are there now, as well as the tube that has reduced aqua on one side and non-reduced on the other. All I have left of this batch is the partially reduced petrol green with rather sooty clear on both sides, and that very round bead (it rolls) that's ivory in the middle and teal on one side and emerald on the other - and the 3 with the chipped ends.

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