Monday, April 5, 2010

Wire wrapped necklaces

Well, somebody asked so I'm posting this.
The current version of my collection necklace contains beads by (from one side to the other, left to right: Sharlyn Premuda, Nancie Osorio, Kim Neely, Kalera Stratton, Jill Knapp (not the astronomer, for those of you who got here from the astronomy side of things)), Kevan Aponte, Deborah Pierce, Gina Bucalo and Suzy Fitzwater. I love this, and I hope to add to it.

As names go, I know two ladies by the name of Jill Knapp (neither one of whom lives here, but both are regulars here), and two guys named Jonathan Kemp (both of whom live on this island for all I know) and and two named Michael (Mike) Wa
gner. The one I used to work with I'd love to work with again. The other one is a different matter (his wife used to work for DH). Having seen a picture of somebody by that name in somebody's office at work, there may be yet another one.

The above is my first "made from scratch" necklace. Each and every one of the lampwork beads has chipped ends. I made the beads (in too much wind), wire spiral bead caps, the jump rings and did the wire wrap. Even if the lampwork beads are rather awful, I kinda like the result.

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