Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wire wrapping, more new things, Glass Artists Fair

Lots of things happened, enough that I didn't get around to updating the blog.

During spring break we went to Kona for a few days and some of the mgambo seed earring and bracelet sets are now available at Showcase Gallery in the Keauhou Shopping Center.

Last weekend I took a wire wrapping class from Sharon Turner who owns the Island Edges bead store (Eva (Anderson) Terada is right: Sharon is a wonderful teacher - and yeah, Eva got married.) In that class I made a bracelet and earrings set, Czech glass with sterling silver. I don't usually wear link bracelets, so I'm hoping to sell this one.
Sharon says $45.-, so I'll go with that.

I started experimenting with wire again before I even took that class and will do more of that, especially after the encouragement I got from Georgia after I posted link to the 'weave' bracelet. That's craft wire and African Trade Beads. After I finished it I went to Sharon's store and bought some other beads with large holes in different colors, but I didn't get around to doing anything with them yet.

Couple days ago another order of semi precious gemstones arrived, mostly small beads, medium size to large donuts and some onyx. But the aventurine teardrops look artificial. Those I haven't even put price tags on yet, let alone started to work with them. - To quote Bob Dylan "I got a head full of ideas and they're all driving me insane" (that's from "Maggie's Farm" - yes, I am that old). -

This coming Saturday I'll be at the Glass Artists Fair at Hilo Art & Glass Supply, so for one day I'll actually be a store and that of course requires price tags, packaging, supplies to be already there when people want to buy them (not: I can drill those mgambo seeds by tomorrow), findings in packages in the quantities on the website,
order forms for things that I'm planning on ordering anyway like soft sterling silver wire, softflex and small (tiny) ziplock bags, and all kinds of stuff that I probably haven't even thought of yet. - That's Saturday April 19, 2008, at Hilo Art & Glass Supply, 318 Kino'ole Street (where Farmer's Exchange used to be), starting 10 a.m. -