Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hilo Art and Glass Artists' Fairs (HiloBeads at a location at a time)

After the first one of these going into this Holiday season I decided that I want to make just about every effort to be in the November fair as well, so that's on Nov. 15, again at Hilo Art and Glass Supply (and I got some more glass rods and 3/32" mandrels to make more lampwork, because I sold some at the last one, and made some already too). I'm also going to be at the fair on Dec 20, but the intention for that one is for last minute Christmas gifts, but I will have beads there too (Christmas gifts for your beader friends?). Between those two I'm going to be at East Hawaii Cultural Center on Nov. 29 (I think), but not selling beads there other than my own lampwork.

The November Fair at Hilo Art and Glass will again include my $2/strand fresh water pearls, shell bead strands and gemstone strands - and whatever lampwork I made in between, jewelry, gemstone beads, Swarovski crystals, mgambo seed and Royal poinciana seed beads, and, should you be interested locally, I have some packaged Job's Tears too, and, yes: etc. (wire, findings, and some other stuff) -

Sorry, no pictures in this one, I hope to get around to that soon.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Artists' Fair, Oct. 18, at Hilo Art&Glass Supply

As I don't have much of an idea how many people read my blog who are in this neighborhood: I'm going to be at the Artists' Fair at Hilo Art and Glass Supply this Saturday, Oct. 18, 10-4, planning on mostly still selling supplies for your Christmas presents, rather than a lot of jewelry, but I have some jewelry as well. If you're interested I can show you how to make memory wire hoop earrings (no formal class though, you can just stop by and I can show you - and I have some round nose pliers available, not a whole lot, so come early if you need a pair). I had at some point thought of bringing my torch, but I think that's not going to work, and there are likely to be much better lampworkers around than rookie me.

Some new things came in as well: mixed gemstone strands at $2-3 each (these are over a foot long), 13 piece fan collars in several gemstones/colors. I'll have $1.- bags of findings, ranging from split rings through clasps to rubber earring stoppers and memory wire. There are still $2.- fresh water pearl strands, the only SoftFlex in East Hawaii, and of course all the Swarovski crystal colors and Jablonex Ornela seed bead colors and all the gemstones listed on the HiloBeads website. I may get around to counting Sterling Silver and gold filled 2x2mm crimps into $1.- bags, but I may not.

See you this Saturday at Hilo Art and Glass Supply, 318 Kino'ole Street, in Downtown Hilo, between Sack&Save and L&L Drive In, in front of the former Farmers' Exchange building.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fairs, hoop earrings, lilikoi, etc,

I have finally updated the crystals page to show the new Swarovski crystals HiloBeads has in stock - and reformatted the layout -.

There are also now finally some hoop earrings on the earrings page, and I'm in the process of actually making more memory wire hoop earring wires.

I have some new memory wire come in, including gold plated, but I'm not entirely happy with the plating. It's the same manufacturer as the silver plated memory wire i have, but while the silver plating adheres well the gold plating flakes in the tight loops on the earring wires.
I also have a shipment of semi-precious gemstones on the way, some "mini-collars" that do well in necklaces as well as hoop earrings, and some mixed gemstone strands that will be really inexpensive (in local terms: reasonable).

I will be in the following fairs:
Artists' Fair at Hilo Art and Glass, Oct. 18 (which will include supplies+lampwork)
EHCC Art and Fine Crafts Fair, Nov. 28 (which may include lampwork)
Artists' Fair at Hilo Art and Glass, Dec. 20 (last minute gifts, and whatever else)

What held me up some, outside of my day-job, was rather large amounts of lilikoi

Some people may think I make up words like this, but it's the Hawaiian word for passion fruit, which are mostly yellow hereabouts, and I have been picking and selling those for a lot longer than I have had anything to do with beads (I think I put that into my first post, entitled "Ancient History"). What's there in the back of my truck is my largest weekly pick yet, 516 lb. My lilikoi customer would be happy if she'd get that every week, but things don't quite work that way for me, or for the lilikoi.