Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another fun Artists' Fair past

Had my share of fun (and reasonably good sales) at the Artists' Fair today. Thanks to everybody who came by, whether you bought anything or not - with special thanks to Felisa who bought a necklace and earrings set I just finished last night -.

My next fair will be at the East Hawaii Culture Center in 2 weeks, but that's jewelry and lampwork only, no beads and beading supplies (I may have some, and if you ask I may sell them anyway, but I won't have them on display, and I won't have everything with me).

The only other fair I'm currently planning on is another one of the Artists' Fairs at Hilo Art & Glass on December 20, for those last minute Christmas presents, of for those who think they may have a bit of extra time for those beading projects over the Holiday Season.

Oh, and before I forget that: Eva (the owner of Hilo Art&Glass) had a boy earlier this week, congratulations, both are in good health.

The jewelry in the picture uses some of the beads I bought from a fellow-beader who suffered a stroke in her eye (if you read this, you know who you are - and I still would have been happy to pay more for most of what I bought) and lost sight in that eye (and is about my age).

I may go back to Hilo Art&Glass tomorrow and buy some frit (they have 104 COE frit right now) - I would have bought it today if I could see finding the time to use it any time soon, but my day job still takes most of my awake time (+ the lilikoi, yard work, and the rest) in spite of that I do a lot of thinking about what I'm doing in my off-work hours.

Mr. fuzz cat jumped into my lap and wants to be petted and combed, but at least he doesn't start walking on the keyboard.

(and as long as the spell checker only complains about works like Hilo, lampwork, lilikoi, etc., I guess I'm vaguely OK with the typing, fuzz cat or not)