Friday, October 22, 2010

Some cat pictures

Unfortunately taken with flash, both of them don't have 'evil' eyes (you get bigger pictures if you click on these):
Zoomie, asleep on his favorite one of my bags

Awake now as he didn't like the flash

Mikiaoluku III, the cat with the necklace in her coat, hiding her kinked tail behind the door.

Missed 'Alani that night. She was probably asleep elsewhere.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

No place like home ...

After being gone for a week I'm home again. Not that I didn't have fun, but the traveling gets to me. I got up 22 hours ago. Norman was waiting for me at the airport when I got there, the duffelbag arrived too and we were out of there in shorter time as they start charging for.
Norman said the cats, especially Zoomie, had been upset, but they all came and the two older ones stayed to get fed. And there are some ripe cherry tomatoes, and the rest I'll have to check in the morning.

Oh, and, what I got home from was the EPICS meeting at Brookhaven National Lab (which is on Long Island). Got some overview over some (software) packages that I had been wondering about but I'm not convinced they are for us (at the JAC, definitely not HiloBeads), learned about some new projects, got lost getting there from Newark (but not too lost, the Sun was out), took a good walk on Smith Point Beach, and met the Lab's glass blower, Barry Lafler. If I get around to it there's going to be a few more posts, but at least there are going to be some pictures of Barry and the glass lab, and hopefully at some point a picture of what I picked up at Smith Point (beach glass and shell pieces).

And, I want to thank Leslie Baer for all the driving instructions with maps, without which I definitely would have gotten a lot more lost than I did.