Saturday, September 9, 2017

Clove seeds available

I currently have clove seeds. I have a few listed as private listings on Etsy for people who contacted me on Etsy, sent an Ebay message to somebody who contacted me on Ebay (but haven't heard back) and listings for 10 seeds on Zibbet - 10 clove tree seeds - I hope the link works. I can do a few orders of 50 or 100, but those take some time to prepare and I prefer to send those out early in the week. I do not ship to places that require phytosanitary certificates other than to Puerto Rico (sending my prayers and best wishes for and to all of you there at this time), so please don't ask. Apologies to my waiting list, I hope you find this, I haven't had time to deal with finding all the email addresses, and I can't keep 10 seed and 20 seed orders apart at Ag inspection, so I won't list them at the same time. You may not realize this, but I have to take ever seed order out of its package to be inspected, and I hate getting contents mixed up.