Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A few new bracelets

I'm afraid that's all I've been up to lately, just a few Royal Poinciana seed bracelets. Apart from the Royal Poinciana seeds the first one contains 4mm round amethyst beads and 3mm tanzanite AB Swarovski crystal bicones, the second one has 4mm round tigereye beads, 4mm Czech topaz fire polished crystals and 3mm jonquil AB Swarovski crystal bicones and the third one 4mm Swarovski bicones in light azore and turquoise.

The tigereye+crystal and the light azore and turquoise Swarovski crystal ones are now available at Trudy's Island Art in the Kailua-Kona International Market. The tanzanite AB Swarovski crystal + amethyst one is on my website (or will be soon) for $25.-

Dealing with the second staph infection caused by a spider bite since the beginning of the year, the antibiotics for that (beats losing a leg by a long ways, but 4 times a day equally spaced is a bit of a problem in the long run) and a rather nasty cold on top had me more or less out of action for a few days. It looks like all of this is going away now so that if the weather cooperates I may get to make some beads with my new glass and frit, anneal them in my new kiln as well as finally all the old ones - after catching up with a lot of other stuff, and getting rid of the crab spiders in our yard.

Monday, March 9, 2009

EHCC Aloha Sunday canceled for March

This morning the EHCC called. I hadn't even tried to make it to the Aloha Sunday market, no point getting everything wet, so I apologized, but that wasn't whet they called about. They said they're going to postpone it, not clear which date. This morning they called again and said that this month's Aloha Sunday is canceled. The next one will be on April 19 (3rd Sunday, because Easter is on the April 12).

Friday, March 6, 2009

Back from San Francisco ...

A bit of a surprise trip, rather important and urgent, but I got there and back not only in one piece but also got my passport application done (the reason why this trip was both important and urgent), saw a lot of sights (thanks to our friends Lawrence and Chizuko), may post the odd picture later, and came back with a pound of glass rods in several shades of red from Aanraku in San Mateo where I got shown around the whole place and set up a wholesale account. They have more stained glass than lampwork glass supplies, but a good selection of Moretti - and I think I may get one of their frit makers sooner or later. I also got some smaller hoop earring findings elsewhere (but those were the only things I found there that I was willing to pay the price for that they were asking - which is why I'm not mentioning names). For the time being I'm exhausted, but in a positive way.

And I'm glad to be home in Hilo again, Norman picked me up from the airport sick as he is (rather nasty cold), all 3 cats accounted for, back in the normal humidity (my skin feels like sandpaper - under-window type heater/air conditioners do that to me every time). It's raining as it should be, I always find it wrong when I get back home and it doesn't rain at least at night.