Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Artsy Garage Sale" at Hilo Art and Glass this Saturday

This is rather late to get into the blog, but if I have any local readers, you can find me at the "Artsy Garage Sale" at Hilo Art and Glass this Saturday, May 16, between 10 and 4. I may have some Artsy Garage sale items (if I can find them in time), but otherwise mostly my inventory - and some plant seedlings I have in the back of my truck that I;m not going to take out extra for this. Should you happen to read this and are interested in seedlings of bell peppers, yellow lilikoi, spider lily, quite possibly some clove seedlings, coffee, or small to medium size planting pots, I'll sell those too (I'm the one with the beads :-) ).

Eva's announcement in her latest newsletter reads as follows:

Art Supply Garage Sale & Swap Meet
at Hilo Art & Glass Supply

MAY 16th - SATURDAY - 10AM - 4PM
Great Deals Throughout the Store as Well as Garage Sale
- used equipment, bead wholesale vendor, and even glass!

(I think I'm the bead wholesale vendor - I know I'm underselling everybody else in town here.)