Sunday, April 17, 2011

It looks like there will be clove seeds soon

Just short and without pictures. After not having any cloves (well, about 3) all year last year our tree started producing the first buds in the middle of last Fall (when we finally started getting some rain). I got the first cloves in January, quite unexpectedly, because they are completely out of season. Normally I find cloves heavily interfering with me picking lilikoi, in the mid-late Fall when the days are getting shorter and the weather gets bad and the time for me to deal with outdoors things is too short to begin with (it's normally during coffee picking season too). This time, the first cloves having appeared in January and that I'm starting to get what I call "fat cloves" now (somewhat pollinated but not enough to produce viable seeds), I expect clove seeds starting some time in May.

However, there are still some very small new buds as well and it may very well be that there will be some more in the Fall/Winter too.

Everybody who contacted me about cloves seeds before is on the current list and will receive an email when I have clove seeds (it will be from my work email because I find it easier to maintain). If anybody else is interested please, rather than leaving comments and exposing your email to be harvested by scammers and spammers (I cannot edit the posts when I approve them, please email me at
hilobeads at gmail dot com (take the spaces out and replace the "at" by "@" and the "dot" by a period.

I may put some of the cloves (not the seeds) into my Etsy and Artfire shops - if I ever manage to get some suitable pictures.