Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Clove seeds - small orders

The clove seeds are coming in slowly. I emailed 3 people on the waiting list who wanted small numbers of seeds but didn't get any takers yet. I positively cannot drive to agriculture inspection and charge for only mileage (I have a full time job. I also have a side business - or 3, seeds are one of them) for fewer than 10 seeds. I put a listing for 10 seeds in my Zibbet shop, and that's about what they'll stay at. Those of you who follow my blog and are interested in more than 10 seeds, they'll happen and I will email you or contact you on the medium you used to contact me when I have them. Please keep in mind that more than half the price for 10 seeds is overhead (ag inspection and shipping). I won't list fewer than 10 seeds but I will probably list larger numbers - and may copy listings to my Artfire and Etsy shops.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Found the first clove seed!

I think it was Wednesday, actually. I went out in the back yard for my Wednesday morning round, pick the lilikoi from the back yard - my lilikoi get picked up on Thursdays -, do some weeding, check whether the one avocado is still on the tree (it was, I got to check again, I don't want the rodents to get it, I want it myself), and pick up whatever cloves the tree dropped (not good enough for selling but good enough for me). And there it was, a big brown clove seed with all its pulp. I don't know how soon there will be more but it looks like there will be an end to the wait that's already over a year long for some. As always, I'm not going to go strictly in order of the waiting list. Larger orders will have to wait until there is a good number of seeds coming in daily, and those who are going to have frost sooner will be notified sooner.

In other news, Team Hilo Etsy is getting a bit more active again, I ordered some new seed beads and some brass cable chain as well as some amethyst fan bead sets but neither of those have arrived yet, and work has me as busy as ever (I was going to put a smiley here but I'd have to use somebody else's script for that so: :)). I didn't make the Trash Art Show this year (haven't even looked at it yet) but I hope to be at the Hilo High School Craft Faire again, it's on Dec. 7 this year, but I haven't sent in the paperwork yet.

Still no news on tiare seeds but there are some pods getting bigger.

And an Etsy Treasury by my fellow Team Hilo Etsy team member Marsha Swanson:

'Team Hilo Etsy Part Two' by MRSButtons

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