Sunday, January 25, 2009

Swarovski crystals coming - and pictures of pearls

I had hoped that the crystals would come in before the weekend, but they didn't. I'm adding 4mm bicones in aquamarine, jonquil and tanzanite 2AB, garnet and lilac AB, and 6mm cubes in aquamarine, light colorado topaz and tanzanite AB. Some on request and some because I wanted them myself. The prices I have listed on the website aren't changing yet (and I did order some spares for colors that sell a lot or that I use a lot so that I won't have to change them until those are sold), but some of the the "special Hilo Farmer's Market (and similar) jewelry makers only" prices are. If any of you read this blog: I can't sell the crystals to you for less than what I'm paying. You know who you are.

Some of the pearl strands are already sold, but here are the pictures of all of them:

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