Friday, March 6, 2009

Back from San Francisco ...

A bit of a surprise trip, rather important and urgent, but I got there and back not only in one piece but also got my passport application done (the reason why this trip was both important and urgent), saw a lot of sights (thanks to our friends Lawrence and Chizuko), may post the odd picture later, and came back with a pound of glass rods in several shades of red from Aanraku in San Mateo where I got shown around the whole place and set up a wholesale account. They have more stained glass than lampwork glass supplies, but a good selection of Moretti - and I think I may get one of their frit makers sooner or later. I also got some smaller hoop earring findings elsewhere (but those were the only things I found there that I was willing to pay the price for that they were asking - which is why I'm not mentioning names). For the time being I'm exhausted, but in a positive way.

And I'm glad to be home in Hilo again, Norman picked me up from the airport sick as he is (rather nasty cold), all 3 cats accounted for, back in the normal humidity (my skin feels like sandpaper - under-window type heater/air conditioners do that to me every time). It's raining as it should be, I always find it wrong when I get back home and it doesn't rain at least at night.

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