Thursday, September 2, 2010

Re-ordering Ornela seed beads, probably next week

All colors and sizes of the Czech Jablonex Ornela seed beads I currently have in stock are now available in my Etsy shop (or have recently sold and not been re-listed yet. As I'm running out of some colors I'm about to re-order. I will be adding 6/0 and 11/0 silver lined topaz and light topaz (more like amber colored), ruby and emerald, and possibly a 6/0 blue color (suggestions?) as well as 11/0 jet black (local customer request).

Other than that I'm open to suggestions. Please contact me by early next week for this order (email, Facebook message, Lampwork Etc. PM (I will make some more room in those if necessary), blog comment, whatever works - phone calls are probably the worst option), though I have to say I would prefer not to branch out into other sizes, and my supplier does not have all colors you may find elsewhere.

The picture shows a color selection of not full hanks that I donated to a Lampwork Etc. fundraiser.

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