Thursday, February 26, 2015

A day of use-it-or-lose-it leave

Please keep in mind that in reality I wrote this in October :)

I have a job. It really is a bit more than full time job (overtime exempt, so I'm not getting paid extra in case people think that). Each year towards the end of the year comes the time to count one's left over vacation hours because we can only carry over 80 hours into the next year. Some time in September I counted up the hours and realized that I have to take a minimum of 9 days off because by the end of the year I will have accumulated 19 days left over in total. I could take all 19 days but I very much doubt there will be time for that. - I wrote this in October, and believe it or not, I didn't officially lose any vacation time, but I did work during some of it LOL

Made in Hawaii

Whether grown , designed or crafted by hand, these featured items are made right here in the great state of Hawaii

Bed of Roses - Botanical Perfume - Sumptuous Rose with Champaca, Violet, Carnation, Angelica and more - 15 ml glass bottle
DREAMCATCHER BRACELET made with genuine leather and a moonstone
Girls Hawaiian Tunic Dress Muu Muu Pink Pua Lei 6mos to 12
Clove tree seeds (10) - syzygium aromaticum - grown in Hilo, Hawaii
Homegrown Organic Loofah Sponge for cleaning bath or pet toy use!
Gold Shell Bangle Bracelet Hawaiian Bracelet Hawaiian Jewelry Beach Bangle Beach Jewelry Shell Bracelet Puka Shell Bangle Hawaii Seashell 02
Radish Mania Hydroponic Microgreen Grow Your Own Kit, grow 3 crops of organic Non GMO Radish, USDA organic certified compostable grow mats
Burlap Drawstring Backpack. Repurposed Coffee Bag. Handmade in Hawaii.
Made in Maui, 100% hand stitched, applique Hawaiian Quilts
Flip Flops-  Kyla Rose  Mermaid .  Artwork by Candace Lee.  Made in Hawaii with Aloha
Reusable Organic Cotton Coffee Filters Cone Style Size 1 Eco Friendly – All Organic Cotton Fabric & Thread, Set of 2
Kuliouou - Hawaiian Knee Drum
Good Luck Elephant Leather Wrap Bracelet on Premium Distressed Greek Leather. Beach Fashion Jewelry
Customizable Feather Mohawk / Headdress - "Pele's Passion"
Hand Painted Large Silk Scarf, Hawaiian Rainbow Flowers. Charmeuse Silk Shawl Scarf. Multicolor Floral Scarf, Approx 22x90 inches.

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