Sunday, March 9, 2008

Seed beads

Well, I wasn't originally planning on carrying seed beads, but things happen. One of my customers doesn't want to order form Firemountain, but she wants Ornela seed beads. I have a wholesale supplier, and I have some now. For now they're on the 'other' web page.
Other than that, I have some mgambo seeds now but need some notice if you want them drilled as I sell about as many as seeds as as beads, and the same is true for the Royal Poinciana seeds, which make fabulous spacer bars. As I drill by hand the Royal Poinciana seed spacer bars are "best efforts" 8mm hole separation as I usually drill them. If you want some with a different separation or with just one hole, please send me email. I haven't tried drilling them lengthwise yet, but I expect that to be difficult.

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