Monday, May 3, 2010

Caterina Purves, BA

Well, the picture turned out a bit pixely, but that's what you get if sitting across the whole hall with a 'normal' camera. There she is, walking back down from the stage, diploma in hand, Caterina Purves, BA, University of Portland 2010.
We had a bit of a problem finding 4 seats together and ended up on wooden bleachers way up and across from the stage - mostly due to the fact that there were a bunch of seats reserved and never occupied and a bunch of seats held by people and never occupied either. Somebody remarked later that it would have been nice if they'd had the seats assigned by age. -

And, well, that's the beads that she got out of my bead box Friday night:
It's not the greatest of pictures, but it was taken at a restaurant in Portland near Lloyd Center where we were having dinner - and it's the best one of the 5 we took.

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