Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just realizing, I have more beads to post - and some other stuff

After selling a bunch of the beads I made last week during the week (see a post or two ago), and taking into consideration that I was/will be going to meet with a lot of family and lampwork buddies, I decided I had to make some more beads:

The small beads on the rattail I already don't have anymore, and a bunch of others with them, because our daughter snagged them last night (picture to follow in another post). The small beads are older and my first attempt of batch annealing. I wasn't sure up to what size I can batch anneal beads without having to program my kiln, so I started with the smallest ones.

Yesterday I went to Georgie's (pottery supply) and got myself some ingredients to mix my own bead release, where I'm going to follow some tips I got from Jenny Newtson and Kalera Stratton as well as a couple of pieces of bisque fired pottery to use as slump molds for fusing.

Today I did manage to go to the Convention Center where there is an exhibition and market of the Portland Art Guilds (I hope I have that right) and managed to snag some of Jennifer Millsap's time - and admire her beads in person.

Tomorrow is the day of Nina's graduation and will be taken up by that.

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