Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brief update

After taking most of Monday to catch up with Sunday night's computer failure at work it took me most of today to catch up with what I didn't do Monday (at work, wfacq3 - again). Lucky me, my husband cooked dinner last night. Tonight I drilled 100 mgambo seeds and caught up with the bead cleaning (including catching up with the batch annealed ones - I did the last batch of batch annealing for now on Sunday), including the broken, chipped and otherwise ones. I can now turn those into frit (whenever time allows). Petrol green, partially reduced, ought to look pretty good on dark ivory, with the red and some orange.

Now to get over this head cold ...


Rachel said...

Sounds like you did quite a bit for someone giving themselves a tough time about doing enough (not that I'd know anything about *that* ;}

Maren aka hilobeads aka Palms, Etc. said...

Not really, as for what I was doing. We do that stuff, and that's the way it works. It (UKIRT) WORKS, most of the time, like, over 95% of the time. It works better than most telescopes (as compared) all of the time.
And I'm bloody proud of being part of that.