Thursday, June 24, 2010

Maren's day off

I took today off from work because there was something I had to do, Norman needed me home (and that's as far as I'll get into this, nothing scary, everything is well). I got some of my bookkeeping done, that was part of the plan for while I was spending time not at home waiting. Found that I should probably use a calculator as in the end my wholesale and retail totals didn't add up to my total total. Maybe it's time to go back to computer aided bookkeeping. (Rethink that: Lug notebook computer around instead of ledger? Bank on power available when battery runs out? Better keep that calculator handy. Weighs a lot less.)

So, getting back home after having a late breakfast out, got some stuff done and then decided I needed some more sleep. The weather wasn't for yard work or making beads anyway. Missed a sortof repeat meeting of my Etsy street team during the time, feel bad about that in hindsight. After a while the weather got better for yard work but worse for making beads. So, did some more yard work. Pulled another 500 or so Alexandra Palm tree seedlings, got another few (definitely single digit, and small) strawberry guava stumps out, but found a buried tool, no handle left, pick axe. Rough as it is (Norman says it predates him, and he lives here since 1984), it came in rather handy and helped me to get a bunch more stuff out without mangling my fingernails completely again.

Now, what happened to the bead making? The wind finally died down way after I got back from grocery shopping. I did more yard work after grocery shopping first before the wind died down. As tomorrow is another workday, no go on the bead making.

At least I got most of the house vacuumed, the laundry put away, the UKIRT fault summary in on time (yes, I try to do this on vacation too, but don't always manage, today I did), and I still didn't take pictures of the beads I made a week and a half ago, still didn't list the 6/0 Ornela seed beads on Etsy, still didn't make any new jewelry to send over to Kona. I'm glad I took the whole day off in spite of that Norman didn't really need me to stay home the whole day. I did get caught up on some things. However, it doesn't feel like I got caught up on sleep, so some of that is next (7 hours at max, and I call that catching up).

As I made some headway on my weekend stuff (grocery shopping included), there's some hope for making beads during the weekend.

I should have taken a "before" picture of the driveway because an "after" picture alone is going to be useless. I did some more work on that today too, after doing a lot of driveway weeding last weekend.

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