Wednesday, May 30, 2012

RIP Richard Crowe

Professor Richard Crowe of the UHH Physics and Astronomy Department was fatally injured in Arizona this past weekend. You may have read about it in the paper if you are local to here or to the accident. Richard wasn't a close friend but he was a friend alright. Our daughter and the older of his two have been friends since preschool. Not always close, but as our daughter put it to me today "if I don't see her ever again so be it, but I want her to always be happy" (names intentionally omitted). This is how I feel too, about all of the Crowe family. Richard was fatally injured in a horrible accident in Arizona in tour of the Canyon de Chelly. Another person/couple who were on this same tour is/are writing a blog and is/are doing a very good job of it. There are a few pictures - no blood - and a very good description of what happened. You can find the first of the articles about this horrible accident here: My condolences to the family.

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