Friday, December 20, 2013

Update on clove seeds and on tiare seeds

There was a small pod of tiare seeds of which I managed to get most before bird and other critters did. Unfortunately for whoever else is interested on of my long time repeat customers emailed me just that day, could she have 40, and then I looked at my rather short but quite deep waiting list, the first person, another long time repeat customer, wanted 200, counted what I had left and had 185, she got those. That was in mid November.

In the meantime I got one more pod. I'm still processing it but for the time being it's the last one I expect. While I do love my repeat wholesale customers I am going to give my online retail customers a chance this time. I know a lot of you are repeat customers too.

As clove seeds go, I still have some listed in my Artfire, Etsy and Zibbet shops and I just listed a package of 10 on Ebay as well. As the only other seller on Ebay is asking for $23 including shipping for 6 I didn't see going with the previous price for mine either - but it still is much lower. I do not know how many clove seeds I am going to have this time as it appears that our bees died. I am going to raise my wholesale and retail prices but I'm not going to where that other Ebay seller is.

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